The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre in the world

Rome, Italy

More about Rome coming soon… Links discussed or sites we used on our trip: Learn more about the 3 types of Roman columns Digital Roman Forum – reconstructed 3d models by the UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory Westin Excelsior Rome Vatican ticket office Terravision Rome…

Punting, Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, UK

Did a daytrip to Cambridge today visiting with Akiko, Jonathan and JoJo. Vivi adores JoJo and the two of them get along great. It was Ningning’s parents first visit to Cambridge. Driving wasn’t so bad – about 1hr 45 each way using the Dartmoth crossing/bridge….

Erechtheum - a temple dedicated to both Athena and Poseidon, Acr

Athens & Delphi, Greece

Athens was beautiful yet dirty, historic yet modern, and sprawling yet you are left wanting to only explore the centre. My wife put it best when she said Athens today looked like Shanghai 20 years ago. That gives this bankrupt city some promise. Viewing the…

Areopagus where Paul gave his famous sermon, Athens, Greece

Areopagus (Mars Hill)

Partway climbing the Acropolis, Ningning asked if Athens was mentioned in scripture. We researched and saw Paul’s famous Christian sermon was given on top of Areopagus. We kept seeking the ‘big rock’ or ‘Mars rock’ until we found it on our descent! Standing on the…

The sun sets on Santorini Island, Greece. Views from Imerovigli.

Santorini Island, Greece

We’ve now experienced the Greek Island of Santorini. Lovely days full of sun (very hot!), a luxurious Starwood property and amazing sites are recapped below. Scroll down for photos and panorama’s. Santorini was one stop along our summer of European holiday with just Ningning and…



Canals. Cheese. Cafés. Concerts. Coffee house cafés. The collective sum describes Amsterdam. Both quirky and quaint, we found the city attractive and adorable on our first visit.  Ningning’s parents traveled over (Shanghai) and watched Vivian allowing us to take this trip by ourselves. It kicked…

Sissinghurst Garden and Castle

Weald of Kent

One can drive to the vast Kent-countryside in less than 2 hours from our home. We decided it was time to explore Kent – the Weald of Kent to be exact – over 3 days. Per Wikipedia, weald is “Old English in origin, signifies woodland,…

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam castle

Visited the National Trust property, Bodiam Castle, in Kent. All Flickr photos from the Kent, UK holiday.

Sissinghurst Garden and Castle

Sissinghurst castle and gardens

Visited the National Trust property, Sissinghurst castle and gardens, in Kent. All Flickr photos from the Kent, UK holiday.


Vivian Photo Gallery 2014

Vivian is a growing girl. In 2014 she has learned to walk and talk and has personality galore. The gallery directly below is updated with favorite images as we go through 2014. At the bottom, Vivi gets dressed up in a red Chinese outfit. Montage…